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Why Scuba Dive?

July 7, 2010 by Allyn  


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving has become increasingly popular as an outdoor sport. As most people know, SCUBA diving is a set of initials that mean self contained underwater breathing apparatus. Originally SCUBA was used as an abbreviation. These days most people consider Scuba a single word and nearly everyone knows what it means and got reasons why scuba dive.

Using tanks and scuba gear, the diver learns to enjoy an underwater world that many people never get to experience. The use of the tanks and masks offers you the means to see clearly and to explore underwater.

Why scuba dive. Is there a particular reason why people scuba dive? Is it only a sport or is it something entirely different, or is it both?

The answer is that Scuba diving is entered into for many reasons. For some it's the breathtaking beauty of the underwater world. This holds true for both the amateur diver as well as the professional. Divers say that no matter how long they've been taking part in scuba diving, no matter how many years since their first scuba diving certification, the allure of the sport or the act simply never goes away.

Even diving that is done for personal reasons, such as an exploration can require some real technical skill in order to accomplish. Diving in caves, in underwater wrecks requires real and vast skills in order to do it in safety, so each level of diver is restricted as to their activities.

Scuba diving can be done for a wide variety of reasons aside from exploring. In many cases it begins as a personal choice in order to be able to see beneath the water and to explore the underwater world. Once the scuba diving bug has bitten, many amateur divers decide to go into it professionally. There is always a shortage of qualified divers to accomplish underwater tasks and these divers can fill those job vacancies given the right certifications.

Why scuba dive? Possibly because the skilled diver can be employed by multiple companies and disciplines in order to accomplish tasks that would be impossible otherwise.

One of the most widely used type of diver these days is employed on the offshore oil rigs. These scuba divers dive below water in order to work with some very dangerous tasks, such as underwater welding or underwater electrical work.

The professional diver is generally paid quite handsomely. This lucrative position can pay the scuba diver who is taking part in underwater welding as much as 800 dollars per day or more, which is a very viable answer to the question of why scuba dive?

In addition to offshore oil rigs, scuba divers may be employed at tasks such as salvage missions for various ship wrecks, along with fishing missions to assist in detangling nets and other things.

Whether diving is your passion or your job, it is a bug that bites you once and never goes away. Your passion for your job, or your hobby, the many answers you offer to the question, why scuba dive is probably all the answer that you need.

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